Apr 12, 2011


I was so excited to be able to

finally set up my new Scanner~Printer

this week, so today for White Wednesday,

I am Celebrating with Old

Family Photos.....

My Mom & Uncle Ed


My Mom & a very large Dolly


My Grandma's Confirmation Class


My Dad is the little blonde,

front & center 1926

My Grandma 1918 bottom right

Grandma 1924, not sure who

that is hiding behind her on the ground

Mom & Dad at a Carnival


Mom Dad 1940's My Favorite Photo

Mom & Dad took Me (Zebra) out to California

from Michigan on the Train in 1959 for a visit to

see My Dads Sister & Family....

I sure EnJoyed going thru all my old Family Photos

thought it would be Fun for White Wednesday,

I will be visiting Everyone later Wednesday evening, when all the Grands

are in bed.... My Daughters Computer is Much Quicker than Mine

so See You Soon

Link for Kathleen ~ Faded Charm is located

top right....

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  1. I have that very same photo of my family with the mexican hats taken in Mexico. But ours doesn't include a zebra LOL.


  2. How nice that you have all of those great photos Cheryl. The carnival photo of your parents is so cute! Are you enjoying the sunshine with the babes? Have fun! xoxo

  3. Love, love, love all the photos. That doll your mom has isn't only big, it is down right frightening! And of course I love the TJ photo with the donkey painted like a zebra since I have one of my parents as well!!

    Take care, Sue

  4. Love all your old photos, I have been sorting out some old photos of my parents and need to organise some to display, plenty of ideas though!

  5. Awesome photos you have! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my place today and for following me! It's always fun to get followers...hope they stay interested! I'm your newest follower as well, I love the old photos! They don't make them like that any more! Say, in reading your profile, I see we both like old camper trailors so I thought you might like this great blog I discovered: http://amysvintagetrailers.blogspot.com
    Take care!

  7. Hi, I love family photo's and blogpost that are about family. I just recently lost my mother and I have 8 boxes full of photo's from 1800's up she had my great gramma, gramma, aunts etc. she was the keeper of the photo's and now that is my job...I also recieved alot of family tree info to organize, I had to step back from it as it does make me sad right now but I am sure I will cherish it and be able to smile one day. I am following!

  8. I LOVE old family photos. Yours are great. That doll was almost the size of your mom!!! How funny. That had to have been either really amazing to her or a little scary.

    Thanks for sharing and nice to visit with you.


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