Apr 12, 2011

Las Vegas & Bubbie Sitting

Oh, how I wish I was flying off for a great adventure....
it has been exactly 31 years since I was in
Las Vegas....

Wednesday, my Daughter & sil are flying off
with their friends for Fun & Celebration,
3 of them are turning the Big 30 in April & My Daughter
will be 30 in August, so they are all heading out
their to Celebrate Vegas Style
(their first time out there)

Of Course, I will be at their house
Bubbie Sitting...

My 3 Grands & the Dog

I sure hope they come home with Plenty
$ $ $ $ $


  1. Cheryl- I hope they have a good time! Vegas is not my cup of tea but I did enjoy some of the shows~ xxoo Diana

  2. Hope they have fun, I was raised in Vegas, moved to Washington State in 1978 after I graduated from High School. I love it here, and only want to visit Vegas, but never live there. Hugs Mary

  3. Cheryl- hope they have a great time. Vegas isn't my thing- I know I could have a gambling problem for sure, so I won't even go where I might be tempted. I don't like all the large crowds anymore either. It was fun when I was young, but now I would rather see nature and history things.
    Hope you have a fun time with those grandkids of yours.
    I need to get my money order out to you, too! Totally forgot- duh- been busy and so tired when I get done.
    have a good night- Tete


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