Apr 10, 2011

We've Sprung....

Finally, Into Spring....

We went from 40's this past week

to a very balmy

80 degrees today

I will tell you that 80 is a bit warm for Me,

but I am NOT Complaining one bit!

I know we're Not of the woods yet,

this next weekend they are predicting

snow flakes

Elliott Alex the Lion enjoying the breeze & the

Birdies in the Trees A Bit of Sunshine & Shadows
Getting ready to go to the Grands for this

coming week, Daughter & SIL are heading to

Las Vegas to Celebrate some Milstones....

30th Birthdays for Them & Their Friends

I will be Bubbie Sitting!

Yippy The grass is trying to green up,

soon we will be seeing buds on the trees

Happy Sunny Day to All



  1. It is nice to have some warmer weather isn't it? We hit 90 degrees yesterday, I was forced to turn my air conditioning on!
    Have fun with the grandkids.

  2. Cheryl- We just finally got rid of most of our snow today! UGH...a few dirty piles left here and there! I am so anxious for Spring...xxoo Diana


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