Jul 5, 2011

Learning Lessons

Don't Waste Moments ~ Make Moments Happen

Dream Your Dream ~ then Go After it with Excitement

A Cluttered Mind requires more Energy ~ Clean up your Life

Procrastination is a Waste of Time & Energy

Remember & Be Good to Yourself

If I must, I will stand on My Head~ turning a frown into a Smile

Be Productive, Be Positive, Be Encouraged,
Be Happy

I'm working on all of these lessons
Sure Hope & Pray I am a Fast Learner!

* * * * *

Thinking of
Thanking You All


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this post Cheryl. I needed to read this today!!!
    I have so enjoyed going back over the posts I have missed here. SO much fun to catch up with you this morning.
    I loved the post about tiny homes. Not sure I could do it, but they are such charmers. My home is about 1800 sq. ft. and consider that about as tiny as I can go.lol!!! Too much stuff too!
    big hugs from here...


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