Jul 14, 2011

Mud Day at the Park

This is the conversation
between my daughter & I the other morning:

"Hi Mom, You want to go to Mud Day with
the Kids & I,
I sure could use the extra hands"

My Response:

"Sure, let me take a quick shower, I'll
be ready by the time you get here"

What Was I Thinking....
A Shower, did I really need to take a Shower
{obviously, I had No idea what I was in for, would I be getting muddy, heck No ~ ha ha
I'm the one who goes to the amusement park & Holds all the purses}
before all this Fun Mess
My Gran Daughters had fun
Little guy wasn't so happy with the Mess
this is surprising, Eme normally wants
to wash her hands all the time if she gets
a speck of dirt on her...
Can you tell Mem was Thrilled
Makaylah (little cousin)
wasn't so excited, she was the only one
who rinsed off the tiny bit of mud she had on her
in a fire hose
The rest of us used all the trash bags
that this Bubbie had brought & went home
to their pool ~ What a Fun Day!

this is an annual event at a local Parkway, they truck in
Tons of top soil & the fire trucks filler up with
water to create a giant pool of MUD

M U D = F U N

Hundreds of people show up, they do have
showers & fire hoses set up for washing & changing,
but the lines were super long

I think we will certainly be there next year too!


  1. I wonder how many kids today make mud pies? Remember those? It looks like a fun day for everyone but I do have a question for you...WHY did you take a SHOWER BEFORE the big event?;>) xo Diana

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Mud first, shower after. LOL

  3. Hi, I popped over for the "where bloggers create" and so enjoyed this post, even tho it's not what I was looking for. TOO FUN! My grandkids would be in seventh heaven. Not sure how granny nanny would feel but would love the fun smiles. Thanks for an enjoyable visit, the CUTE teddies at top and looking forward to visiting back for the create post. :)


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