Oct 29, 2011

Autumn's Final Farewell

The Wind is Blowing....
It's turning
Thought I would share the last of the
Autumn Foliage
before the winds blow it all away~

I took a walk the other day while I was
visiting My Sweet Lady (alzheimer's Care)
I was so Happy to have the camera so
I could go out and take photos to bring in the
house to show her....
(hard to get her to go out these days)

I do not claim to be any type of photographer,
but I think some of the pics came out nice,
I only noticed the home reflection in the pond
while I was downloading....
Pure Luck!

That Buck just stood there while I walked up
and then slowly walked away.
{see the corn box in the back ground, it was
empty, I think he was asking me to fill it}
The old Birds nest in a tree with tons
of crab apples, perfect for the
Feathered Friends this fall...
Stay Warm
especially for those who are already
getting that
White Stuff


  1. wWell I would say you ARE a photographer Cheyrl! I love your perspective! That crab apple tree one is my fave! Looks like a beautiful walk!!!!

  2. Looks beautiful in your part of the world!!! Love your pictures!Made it through the Halloween party. We actually did have 250 kids at it.

  3. Beautiful photos, Cheryl. And the reflection in the water is GREAT! How nice of you to take pictures for someone that can't get outside to see it for themselves!

  4. I'm gonna agree with Lib, you are a photographer, all of the photos are wonderful! i'm sure your friend enjoyed seeing them. no snow yet, thank goodness, just rain this morning then sunshine but pretty chilly most of the day! Thanks for the beauty you shared! t. xoxoxoxo

  5. What gorgeous fall photos. I love the one where you captured the buck.


  6. Oh I think you have a natural eye, your compositions are beautiful!


  7. I love all those photos, except the wasp nest! Eek! I wish we had deer on our property! That'd be lovely, but alas...we are fenced in so our dogs won't escape! Your home looks beautiful...thanks for your sweet comment on my posting!


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