Oct 25, 2011

Stone Mountain ~ Georgia

Country Living
Stone Mountain

How sad I was that My Trip
fell thru
but, I get to live it thru the Photos
My Niece Jen & Friend Kerri
Stone Mountain, outside of
Atlanta, Georgia
Just Beautiful
a Mix of wonderful Vintage

Sweet Little Lamb
Sweet & Beautiful,
{Fabulous Mom of 6}
This is Kerri ~
Such a Sweet & Beautiful Girl
{Kerri's 1st Girls weekend away
from her Hubby & Kids}
Center is Jenny
Right is My Wonderful Artist Sister - Debby Rubis
Left is
Kathi Bejma of K.D. Vintage &
Walnut Ridge
(Kathi was an exhibitor at the CL Fair)
Long time Family Friend
Love, Love, Love
What a Creation
Beautiful Autumn

Fun, Fun, Fun
Love this little old truck
I would save for Miller

Kerri bought the "B" for Brooks
I would Love it for
Next Time, I Will Be There!

Photos by: Kerri Brooks & Jenny Hodge


  1. I wish I would have been there to buy that B--love it!

  2. What a great event and what a wonderful location! Sorry you weren't able to attend this year....but like you said, there's always next year!
    Thanks for the advice about my display shelf.

  3. Someday I would love to go too. You can always look forward to another one.


  4. I would love to go to one of these. They look fantastic!

  5. I really need to get there too. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  6. Looks like it was a fun time! Thank you for sharing the photos.

    Thanks for visiting me today! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  7. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't make your trip.
    Some of those vintage pieces got me stirring. :)
    Love your blog...
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  8. I wish we lived close enough to attend a Country Living Fair! Great pics!

  9. How pretty! I would love to visit something like that! ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I hope you have a GREAT weekend!


  10. Love the pictures of the Country Living Fair. It must have been fabulous! And, yes, that is a faux bay leaf wreath I got at Target after Christmas marked down about 6 years ago. I have loved it and used it year round! Linda

  11. Every time I see pictures of the Country Living Fair I want to be there. Hope you make it next time... & me too. Thank you for sharing!

  12. I wish I could've gone too! I've enjoyed seeing other peoples pics though. Yours are great to look at. I will be sharing my shopping trip, that I took today, soon on my blog, so you'll have to check it out. I love going shopping on blogs! Ha!

  13. So sorry you couldn't make it to Country Living event. It looks wonderful and here's hoping one day soon we both can attend. Just wanted to say thanks for your kindness (you know what I mean) and looking forward to seeing more of you. How great it is to "comment".

  14. Thank you for your sweet comments on Dumpster Diva! I added your link to my blog! I love your blog it looks awesome.

  15. Lucky YOU!!! Soooo enjoyed ALL your pics...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  16. I would go crazy! What eye candy. My favorites are the mannequin with the book page skirt and those clock faces. I'll take it all. Too bad you didn't make it this year. Great pictures, sure looks like everyone was having fun.

  17. Sorry you missed your trip, but it seems your family kept you up to speed, how sweet.Looks like a great show, what gorgeous items!


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