Oct 22, 2011

Happy Weekend...

Spending time cleaning &
listening to

Have a wonderful Weekend


  1. Beautiful photos- Happy Weekend, Cheryl!

  2. You know I used to hate birch trees but now I JUST LOVE 'EM! That white bark really is special! Hope you got a lot done!

  3. What a relaxing post today, Cheryl.
    Have a nice evening.

  4. Wow! Cheryl
    I am behind the times! I just became one of your followers...where have I been!???
    Happy Birthday double nickel...my birthday is coming up real soon too.
    Maybe I'll stop by your Etsy shop and see what's happening...haven't been there in months!
    I like the photos of the fall trees...very soothing. We've had an Indian Summer here in Central CA, as usual, but it's suppose to cool down into the 70's.
    Take care my friend~
    Sounds like you had a fun birthday!
    Teresa in CA

  5. Next Country Living Fair, you and me meet in the middle and road trip down there! I want to go too!


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