Mar 20, 2012

Hello Spring time....

It's Official
Spring time is here,
you would have thought with our
warm weather that it started a week ago
today will be a record

 Elliott Alex the Lion is enjoy
having the windows all opened wide,
I had to tie the lace curtains up,
his nails kept getting hooked...
I am airing out & tossing,  I guess you
could say, I am doing a bit of
Spring Cleaning....



  1. I'm in cleaning and purge mode too. The weather is perfect for it.

  2. Hi cheryl

    Happy spring time!!!! Enjoy the season my friend


  3. Is that snow I see out that window? That's not fun...
    Glad you got your windows open today. Its been great getting the house aired out, that's for sure, but can you believe that we have the ac on now????
    The crazy farmers have been spraying the fields around us and the soft breezes have been blowing it this way at times. So, don't want that stuff in here.

  4. We have the windows open too and our kitten is going crazy jumping from window to window, it's hilarious! I started cleaning last night, and today was able to get the floors mopped... it sure feels good! I wasn't going to rake yet because well, you know there is a good chance we will still get snow, but I just might get out there and get it done before my plants get moldy from the heat! Enjoy the breeze! t.xoxooxox

  5. Sweet kitty. I am planting flowers and cleaning and am very tired-must stop. hugs, olive

  6. Happy Spring cleaning Cheryl! Luv

  7. Happy Spring cleaning Cheryl! Luv


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