Mar 19, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Today I'm resting up from a
weekend full of fun adventures

Friday night is always movie night,
I go most Friday's with 3 other ladies,

We left early on Friday to head out about 45 minutes 
We went to a 
Re Purposed Estates Sale,
which is run by 
Cari Cucksey
"Cash & Cari"

 we had to wait in line for awhile to get
in,  but it was fun seeing all the wonderful
Treasures walking out the door...
I only bought the 2 old pair of scissors,
but at least I still had $$ left for the next place.
 after that,  we headed north 
to find the Best Salvation Army thrift store,
there I found the sweet blue glass
Avon perfume Bird bottle,
still has the smell of the perfume inside,
also bought those fun Red painted
wood trays,  they are old, I was
thinking maybe from an old desk.

 This little jar with the tin top
was from another S.A. we found...

I also found this Blue box with drawers,
you can tell from the sweet smell, it was an old soap box...
We finally ended up having a late lunch
a the Stage Deli, then making our
way to the Movies,
"Jeff, who lives at home"
was the movie of choice,
even better than I thought it would

The day ended around the fire pit of
one of the girls,  drinking
China White Martinis
laughing & talking to the wee hours...

Saturday I watched my 3 Grands, which 
was so nice,  we were able to play outside
for hours...

Sunday was another day of fun,
first working on plans for an upcoming
Birthday for one of the ladies,  then
off to the fire pit again,  this time
with Hot tub time
& a couple Pomegranate Cosmopolitans,
here I'm the one who barely drinks...

now off to do all the chores I was suppose to 
do this weekend,  but having fun was worth it all,
& No Hangover!

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  1. That was one rockin' weekend you had! I'm glad you are none the worst for wear for it. ~ Maureen

  2. How fun that you got to go to a Cash and Kari sale even if you didn't find much. I am still waiting for the yard sale season to kick off here. Fun times!


  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Cheryl! Everyone needs a little down time and you can always play catch up on the chores later- xo Diana

  4. You really had a good time, huh? Nice treasures you picked up too! Love them all! luv

  5. What a delightful weekend - good for you!!!


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