Jun 22, 2012

Disney Pixar ~ Brave

With My Grands
My Daughter, Mandy

 What a cute movie,
but 2 hours keeping little stuff
quiet,  was sometimes difficult...
 Miller wanted to repeat some of the lines
of the movie, which wouldn't have been
bad in a Kids movie,  but there was
an older couple that came in and 
sat right in front of us, too bad for

The Girls were perfect,  Eme (left)
was a bit scared at the part with the roaring
Bear,  but she just held tight when she 
needed too~
They all wanted to have their picture taken with
the Brave poster, but the theater had it up high,
so Miller did the Nemo (or as he says, MeMo)
Eme, Loves Katy Perry, so you can see
that's the poster they picked.

Have a wonderful weekend,
I will be back next week~       


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