Jun 16, 2012

A Great Feeling & alittle Absolut

I know you thought I would be showing tons of
photos from the Estate sale  
I just ran...

Sorry the camera is empty,
can you believe that I never had a moment to 
take even 1 silly pic,  
we were so busy both days,  before I knew it
we were packing up the remaining items for
Easter Seals & tying up all the loose ends,
when I realized, I had Nothing to show you....


I learned a Great lesson,
I was doing exactly what I Love to do,

I have done many garage & yard sales, 
not to mention Etsy & eBay,
but something was so different about this,

Not only did I love doing this Estate Sale,
I had several people ask for business cards
& several others who are going to call me~

I felt like God was leading the Perfect
People To Me!

Like My Friend Tete from
has reminded me of so many times,
When a door closes,  keep watching for
God to open another ~
"Thanks, Tete

I'm beginning to see the light

My Daughter has also thought of 
coming on board & My Sister
is willing to help out with whatever is needed...

I'm going to be busy setting up new things
& new ideas,

a new Blog & FB,
along with email and other fun stuff....

I am totally excited!

On another note,
tonight I am sitting & thinking, 
EnJoying a bit of 
Absolut & a Swisher Sweet Cigar,
today was my 
15th Divorciversary
Not that I actually Celebrate, it is more
of an overview & remembering 
also being so Thankful for the wonderful
Children I have from that union.

I have never regretted the decision to 
Divorce, not for even a minute,
  I think my life depended on it...

A Soul is not meant to be abused,
even if it is was emotionally,

I Can Be a Strong Woman...

(now I think the absolut is starting to talk)

guess it's time to say 

"Good Night"


Have a Beautiful Sunday



  1. Cheryl, congratulations on such a great day and finding your way! There is nothing that equal doing something you feel pasionate about. You GO girl!!

  2. Cheryl- Congraylations- That Tete is one smart woman, isn't she? I am so happy that you found something that fulfills you! Blessings-xo Diana

  3. I wish you luck in the future, my friend, and peace be with you always.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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