Jul 21, 2012

Treasure hunting & Lemonade...

Mandy & I spent the day Treasure hunting,
we did have little guy in tow, 
Mem & Eme went with their Auntie Nikki to work, 
Panera's was doing a fund raiser today, which was a 
Lemonade Stand the proceeds go to 
Gleaners,  to feed hungry children, 
Mem & Eme helped sell it,  Adults will always
buy from a Sweet little girl over some big old
they were both so excited & happy to help...

 Memphys says it is her Dream to own a 
Lemonade stand

Here's a few new listings




  1. What fun those kids have running lemonade stands. Lovely post with some great images- xo Diana

  2. I haven't been out scoping for bargains but I plan to hit a few thrift stores this week. I've been loving summer... but loving it in other ways! Jennifer


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