Jul 30, 2012

Checking In for a Mooment

Another Moo Card,
we already went thru the 1st pack
of cards, this one is in the reorder....
 My Sweet Mother,
this was Easter Sunday, 1929

I miss her everyday...

 Some Fun listings....

 3rd set of Old letters,
they are selling like
"Hot Cakes"

I seem to hardly have time to visit,
Guess that's 
a Goode Thing

I Miss You All!   


  1. A great old picture and great old "things". Don't work too hard- xo Diana

  2. Great finds sweet girl, as always!!! I just LOVE that moo card with your sweet mama!!! How wonderful that you've already had to reorder too...good stuff girl! I do hope your business is flourishing ~ you know I wish you nothing but success, right? I'm not attending the CL Fair this year, once was enough for me :) not enough "junk" for me, there was tons of stuff, just not my style. I hope you are wonderful sweet friend, sending you hugs and love Cheryl!!! Dawn

  3. Hi Cheryl! Your card is adorable! Congratulations on starting your new business, I know that it's a lot of work getting started (We are in the same boat over here) but sooooo worth it! The letters are amazing, it's no wonder that they are a big hit... keep it up, so nice to catch up with you for a bit. I miss everyone too! t.xoxoxo

  4. Cheryl, looks like you are having a goode old time with the new business venture! I am so happy that it is taking off for you, awesome!!! I love it. Have a wonderful day!

  5. I love that pic of your Mom! Really makes you think about her & her life doesn't it! I love looking at pics of my parents too & I even still am blessed to see them all the time. I love her name too! June!

    You always find the coolest treasures! Good taste girl!!!

  6. Great items!
    Awesome treasures!
    Enjoy what's left of the summer.


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