Aug 6, 2012

Any Idea?

 Does anyone know what this is?
it has the gold & silver wire Bullion 
Red Glass seed beads

It is only 1.5" x 1.5"

I want to list it on 
eBay, but not sure
what category....

Help, Please



  1. Oh----NO idea! Good luck- xo Diana

  2. I believe it is made in India and is an embellishment. Some of these are made into brooches. That's all I know...which isn't much. ; )

  3. Hey Cheryl, couldn't comment before as blogger wouldn't let me, but I had to stop back and see what the verdict was. I am just as curious as you are! Thanks Michele for putting my poor little mind to rest! I was thinking at first that it sort of looked like a shoe buckle embellishment, but the back is all wrong.


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