Oct 10, 2012

A few new....

I'm loving the fall weather & the look
of the Trees,
but I'm hating the winding down of the
Yard Sale Season....

Where's your favorite place to find
Vintage Treasures?



  1. When I see all your treasures they scream Kate to me! She would take them all! I love them too but at this stage of my life I have moved from buying treasures for me to buying big ugly plastic toys for my kids :) /this too shall pass :) But Kate...she is a treasure collector for sure!

  2. Cool stuff and I love finding things online! So many facebook garage sales now! Finding some cool things and not just old.
    Loving the fall weather too- but not that blast of wind we had today! Sure started knocking the leaves off and I love walking through those and hearing them crunch under foot!


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