Oct 4, 2012

something new...

I picked up this old, very heavy
white box of drawers at an
Estate sale this summer,  the
one that I bought all the 
Old Letterpress Type.....

 it had been sitting in the storage closet
waiting to be used
 so this past weekend,  I got out the
paper, glaze & 4 mismatched finials
had some fun....

 even Elliott knows there's something
new in the house...
Still no place to really put this,
so not sure if I am going to Keep or

Now I am off to pack,  heading over
to Bubbie sit the 3 Grands till
Daughter & SIL heading to 
Pennsylvania for the weekend....

See you next week ~ after I am 
all rested up!



  1. I love your transformation. I would have a hard time letting go of that one!

  2. That turned out great, I love the paper on the drawers and the finials for the feet! Have a great time with the grands! t.xoxoox

  3. cute cute cute! I would never dream up something like that ! But you did & it is goregoues! Some girls have all the skills... :) YOU!


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