Oct 26, 2012

Before & After

My Daughter Nikki is in her friend
Jen's Wedding this weekend,

Below you see 2 bags full of the
Ribbons & Bows
 all gathered from a recent Bridal Shower,
then brought home to Me.....
 Not the same old Rehearsal bouquets we used way back when.....

My bows were neatly stuck into a 
paper plate,  to carry down
at my Wedding rehearsal 
 I did have to delete any
duplicate ribbons or the 
Bouquet would have been twice
as big....
 The flowers, butterflies & hearts were perfect, they
were attached to several of the bows,
 Mostly all Fall tones,  to match
the Wedding Theme....
 The only thing I had to buy was
more floral tape (mine had dried out)
the Lace backing Collar.....
Last night was the rehearsal,
Jen was thrilled with her
Special Bouquet,  which I made with
Love & many, many ribbons.....


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  1. Looks cool. Glad you are getting to do some fun things instead of working all the time.


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