Oct 30, 2012

Music to My Ears ~

I have to admit it,
I am one of 
"Those People"
who could listen to 
Christmas Music

 Are YOU???
 I called my daughter, Mandy
(who is Not one of us)
she only likes C.M. on Christmas Day,
that's It
 Since I googled
Christmas Music 24/7,
I could not get the site to play,
 but, Mandy is my go to
for Computer info 
(my sil, Pat is the computer genius, who
always fixes all my computer problems) 
 She told me to go to
type in 
Christmas .....
 Now, I am as Happy as
a Snowflake falling on
Christmas Eve.....

Winter Wonderland ~ Louis Armstrong
Santa Baby ~ Eartha Kitt
My Favorite ~  Goode Ole Bing's
White Christmas....

Happy,  Happy,  Happy ~  That's Me!

sorry for pushing the season, since tomorrow is just
going to be Halloween (not a biggy for me)

Thanks to Pinterest for all the wonderful


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  1. I love Christmas music, too...but maybe not year round. I am back to blogging after my break and wanted to pop in and say Hi! xo Diana


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