Dec 25, 2012

Christmas Surprises

I told my kids this year all I wanted was a photo with all them & Santa Claus...    I thought it would be pretty easy & not too much more money....  (and I Love & Collect Santa's)  since they always take the Grands to see  Santa,  how hard would it be to have 3 more
crowd in the photo & Viola !  A Santa Photo....

So this morning,  after all the gifts had been opened,  I had some wonderful, thoughtful gifts, like a gift card to the grocery store right by me,
a cute dress form pin cushion, a cozy Coca Cola Santa Blanket & pillow.... I had nothing to complain about,  off to the kitchen all the kids went for breakfast,  I think they were watching my face,  thinking I  was upset or angry when I didn't get a Santa Pic....  (the only thing I asked for)

Then Mandy (my oldest)  looks behind the tree & pulls out a large package,  from seeing the size,  I knew it had to be!

I was so Happy to be opening what I thought was a Picture with Santa
Then I saw what they went thru to take this photo for Me ~
 They all went to a local park that has some historic buildings,  
 top photo is my 3 kids,  Mandy,  Nikki & Ian 2nd photo is Nikki & her boyfriend Alex, right below is Ian (my baby boy)
 Mandy & Santa (sil) Pat Memphys, Emersyn & Miller
 I still can hardly believe, they bought a Santa outfit...
 Here was the finished proof
 Here is My Gallery Canvas 18" x 20"

A Christmas Gift,  I Will Never Forget!

I sure am Loved


  1. What a wonderful gift! You are very blessedin indeed! Merry Christmas, Cheryl!

  2. OHhh that was so thoughtful! You most certainly are loved! Merry Christmas! love, t.xooxo

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas present- the best!!! xo Diana


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