Dec 27, 2012

Snowed In & loving it...

Since I'm sorta snowed in here,  not walking to the store in 7" of the Cold, White stuff....

I thought I would just EnJoy My Christmas Treasures....
 some old,  some new ...
 my old piano from Christmas 1961 & an elf I made my mom in 1996
my birthday snow globe from my kids
 my mom's Steiff bear, an old feather tree & the Annalee Santa from my grands last year
 my great grandmother's sewing machine 1895 & the Santa painting my sister Debby painted in 1997 that crying baby on his lap was her 1st grand.... 
 now for my favorite gift this year, my kids & grands with Santa (my sweet sil dressed up in the jolly red suit) {see previous post for more pics}

Hope your staying warm & enjoying the memories of Christmas this year...

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  1. Hi sweet friend!!! I so hope you're staying warm and cozy!! Your collections are just wonderful...and I'm sure each one holds a special memory to you. I'm getting so excited about this upcoming new year...I hope yours is wonderful dear Cheryl!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. What a cozy way to spend a snow day!

  3. I've loved this snow day (aside from having to shovel my way to the chicken coop) and it's the first time I could just sit and look at the Christmas decorations. Love all the meaningful things you have collected for your festivities!

  4. Great way to spend the day- Blessings and Happy New Year- xo Diana


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