Jan 31, 2013

Staying Warm....


Miller is spending the morning with me,  his sister Memphys had to go to the Dr.'s because she has had a fever for a few days...  I looked over to see Miller covered up with my Coca Cola Santa blanket.... He thought he looked so funny with long legs & boots ~
  you can also see that the wind is blowing & snowing Lots!

Hope your staying Warm & Cozy


  1. Glad you are staying warm there. We have a high of 6 today here on the bay...awful weather- xo Diana

  2. Brrrrrr it looks cold there Cheryl. I love how little Miller looks with his Looong legs and boots! Too cute!
    I LOVED your previous posts of whites. Is that sweet photo of the beauty in the hat holding the darling little girl you? I love it!!!!
    sending big hugs...

  3. Its so cold here and getting worse by the hour. Not sure if I will be out for awhile or not. Snow coming...yuck.
    Come on by, got something going on to keep us busy while we are stuck inside.


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