Feb 1, 2013

When I grow Old

today while I was procrastinating cleaning my studio area,  I decided to check on my wish list for amazon ~  I have approximately 30 different books that I have checked off that I would love to buy,  out of those I was able to clear about half a dozen which don't seem to interest me any more,  but while I was there "working"  I decided to look into a few of the books that I was surprised that I had even checked on my Wish List ~

I am going to be 57 this year,  still can't believe how quickly time has past, seems like just yesterday I was a young mom with 3 little ones at her side, now I watch my oldest daughter with her 3 little ones,  who I quite often call by my kids names.....

I now know why I had this book checked on my WL, I fell in love with the book & the photos that I am showing below.   I certainly am not a stylish dresser,  my pick would be jeans & a T and when I want to dress up,  I may wear a ruffled T  or put a necklace on,  that's it ~    BUT,  when I grow old (older)  I don't want to wear purple,  I want to have the flamboyant Style & Grace of these beautiful ladies.....  I just had to share,  I don't think I'm the only one who gets it~  hope you will follow the links, they are both the Book & Ari Seth Cohen (author) Blog...

Advanced Style Blog & the Book on Amazon  by Ari Seth Cohen

PS.  Please don't tell my kids,  I think they'd be questioning my thought patterns & worrying about me far sooner than needed,  lol
Have a Wonderful Weekend

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  1. I know what you mean about feeling thirty inside and seeing a stranger in the mirror! It just my be best the follow the example set by those sassy gals!


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