Feb 2, 2013

" Amour "

Last night of course was Friday so for me,  it's movie night....
This week it was just two of us,  the other gals had previous commitment which is like a cardinal rule for Movie Night,  but all will be forgiven.
For Me,  this was the 7th movie on our quest for seeing all the Oscar nominated films, but for Angela,  it was the final one....   

Amour,  obviously a French film of course with subtitles,  not my favorite.
It is a film about growing old,  while being very interesting,  it was an odd movie that left you a bit bewildered.   I had my take on it,  which seemed to answer some of Angela's questions,  since I seem to have read more into the final moments....   would I see it again,  probably Not,  am I glad I saw it,  Yes~

Here is a link to see the trailer & read more about it:  Amour

for a happier note on growing older,  read my previous post

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