Feb 16, 2013

Safe Haven at the box office

The perfect Friday night movie for the 4 of us gals was "Safe Haven"  of course the 4 of us would pick a romantic movie over suspense the day after Valentine's Day....  But this movie fit both the romantic side & suspense.....    Julianne Hough (Dancing with the Stars & Ryan Seacrest's love interest) & Josh Duhamel (Leo Dupree from All My Children fame)

Safe Haven is a story of a young woman's struggle to get away which leads her to the little community of Safe Haven where Josh Duhamel lives.  This movie is based on the novel from Nicolas Sparks...  2 of the gals had read the book & they loved the movie (if this means anything) 
It is my new favorite movie,  a chix flix of course, worth buying when it is released & maybe seeing it again....  

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  1. Hi Cheryl
    So happy to be able to catch up on my favorite gals in blogland. Thank you for the movie review its nice to know what you are getting into before you sit in the theater. Have a lovely weekend my friend


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