Feb 20, 2013

Monster Cold

I'm going on 4 days of feeling like Doo Doo....
all started with a terrible sore throat & now I have a cough to go with it,  I feel like I have a Monster Cold ~  I hate being Sick!    but it is nice to be on the computer today,  since all I have done since the weekend is Sleep & watch TV....  Boring!

Hope you're all well


  1. Get well soon,Cheryl. I love your header with the kiddos- xo Diana

  2. I thought you moved too fast for a cold to catch you! Hope you get to feeling better before long and I agree, too much bed and tv aren't that much fun at all. Eat you chicken noodle soup and blow your nose really good and rest!

  3. I hope you are feeling better, Cheryl. My husband had the cold for about ten days.
    The weather is supposed to be yucky this weekend...so stay inside, and get some rest.


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