Mar 21, 2013

Inspiration in the Dark

Have you ever walked {carefully} around your home at night, with all the lights out with your camera on{?}    I did that tonight & since I have been going thru box after box of "Stuff" this week,  I have piles everywhere....
I turned the flash of my camera on & pointed away.

 This little soldier pitcher was a wedding gift for my Mom & Dad
almost 70 years ago....  a real treasure
 I just framed this antique picture of Jesus, it is from an old calendar & the frame was my Mom's...   I am planning on painting the frame & of course Jesus will have a special place in my home.
 just piles of stuff,  some to keep,  some to list....
 I love that hand blown blue vase & the red globe which was a gift many years ago from my kids...
 this is the window in my studio area,   I hope we will start to get some sunlight soon,  so my african violet will bloom again....
 I see somehow my art doll "Queen" has lost her U
 Buttons,  door knobs & an ad my son is in....  Mom's frame these things, Right!
 I think this box is going to be on eBay or Etsy,  soon
 I love when my Grands come over,  they always leave me wonderful art work which they proudly hang on the door...
I hope you've enjoyed your tour in the dark~

Sending warm sunshine & spring time weather....

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  1. What a fun peek into what hides in the dark at your house- xo Diana

  2. This is amazing...i like the pics better this way! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. What a fun exercise. I never would have thought of that but love the photos. Thank you for sharing!


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