Mar 19, 2013

Listening to your Heart

This past week I was reading a FB message from the Pastor of My Church,  he was talking about how everyone is eager to praise God when things are going great & when we aren't needing something at the moment which usually brings us to our knees ~  Later that night while  I was trying to go to sleep, words kept coming into my head,  I thought maybe I could sleep tight,  remembering in the morning,  but that voice inside kept strong,  I feel like God was talking right to my heart,  so up & out of bed I went,  straight here to my computer.....   now believe me,  I'm no poet ~  you all know that from my posts,   I type just as if I was talking to you.
I thought I'd share with you~

Praise God in silence, song and in Prayer
Praise Him when smiling or when we are scared.

Praise Him in the warmest of the bright sunshine
or the grayest of days when we're losing our mind.

Folded Hands we pray for the food that we share,
let us Praise him out loud when the cupboard is bare.  

Praise him in triumph or black mournful days,   
Praise him like Angels in a Heavenward gaze.

Praise & Worship Him on bended knee,  
Praise him in laughter or tears when we grieve.  

Tonight as we slumber our body's restored,  
may your heart always Praise him for He is Our Lord.

When your feet hit the floor in the morning well rested,  
Praise God every moment our Faith will be Tested.

Praise Him in the morning, noon & at night,  
Praise him every creature, every bright star light.  

Let us lift up our joyous voice to The Lord,
Salvation & Grace is our Highest reward

Friday,   March 15, 2013
Cheryl Goode MacKinnon


  1. Oh Cheryl, you ARE a poet! This is so beautiful and you were truly inspired to write this lovely poem. I feel blessed to have come by to read it myself!
    It says exactly what I feel in my heart.
    sending many hugs...

    1. Thank You June, that means so much coming from YOU ~ xox

  2. Well....I think that is just wonderful. :) Straight from the heart and very sweet. :)

  3. Cheryl,you may not think you're a poet, but this post flooded my soul with joy. There's a reason you left a comment on my post. I haven't been by for a while, but I felt compelled to make a visit before starting my work today. I had this very same feeling this morning. Amen.


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