Mar 18, 2013

Marketplace at Common Ground

You know that Blogger,  the one who always has the most interesting posts, beautiful photos & wonderful stories,  you watch for their next post,  cause they always have something you know will be fun to read...... Well,  for me Debra comes to mind.    You may know her for her "Vintage Inspiration Friday"  or  lets think "Marketplace Monday"   I know Debra,  Do You?  
Since it's Monday,  head on over for Marketplace,  you will find the best of the best from so many wonderful bloggers....
Click Here  ~  Debra at Common Ground

Maybe you'd like to join in the party,  all you need is an online shop,  like
Etsy ~   I'm joining in,   why don't You!


  1. Hey Sweetie, thanks for the shout out! you made my day!

  2. Oh, all this glitter - it makes me happy. I have always been a glitter girl. I am off to check her blog out now. Have a happy week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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