Mar 5, 2013

What's out your window?

Finally my cold is pretty much gone,  the foot is much better and I am doing stuff around my place that I have not done in over 2 weeks.....   this is what's outside my front window.....   Loving the sunny day,  the snow is melting & the snow storm that was suppose to hit us today is going south ~ Yippy !       It's gonna be in the mid 40's this weekend,   I also smelled a few skunks over the past few weeks,  so Spring is really on it's way......

FYI:   Great relief for Gout ~  I wish I heard about it the first day,  but it is Cherry Juice,   I bought 100%  Black Cherry juice & had several glasses, the next morning when I woke up (& I slept pain free too)  I was able to walk on my foot with no pain,  it was 95% better ~  guess if you have a tendency for joint inflammation,  eating cherries or drinking cherry juice every day,  will help!    I'm a Believer!


  1. I love that skunks herald Spring there!;>) It is on its way and I am glad you are feeling better. xo Diana

  2. I'll take anything that heralds spring here! Glad you are feeling better and I'll pass along the cherry info to a friend that suffers from gout. Thanks.


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