Feb 28, 2013

A Pain in the Foot!

I wish this very painful problem had a prettier name, but a bout of gout does make me want to shout!     from Monster cold to painful foot, I think I would rather stick with the monster cold.....   I walked to the store on Tuesday,  because I knew a winter storm was baring down on us,  it was raining & sleeting while I was walking,  so when I got home, my feet were wet & freezing,  so yesterday when I was having a hard time walking, I thought I had inflammed something from my feet being frozen..... then it was about midnight last night when I was in so much pain that I remembered having this feeling once before,  it was around 30 years ago, same foot ~  of course I only have aspirin in the house,  the hot soak I was doing was only irritating it more ~  I finally dozed off around 8 this morning,  only to awaken with seeing red if I acidently moved my foot at all.....   I know gout is caused by a excess of uric acid in the joint, usually from red meat,  I had a burger 2 weeks ago ~    All I know is I can't walk & I feel like someone is trying to saw my big toe off,  Not Fun!   so hopefully I will be back soon,  with a much lovelier post!

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  1. oh cheryl
    so sorry you are down with gout----never had it but know it can be so painful. I am recovering from surgery on my right big toe---had to have a plate and some screws put in because they don't really recommend joint replacement in that particular area......am so glad I am on the down hill part of recovery now.
    I hope your foot is improving every day


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