Apr 16, 2013

A bag of antique threads

Do you ever put something away in a Special Spot.....

Tonight I found an old paper bag filled with 
antique sewing threads that I had purchased
at least 2 years ago from an Estate Sale....
 I guess you could say they have been saved twice,
when I originally bought these at the Estate sale,  I was surprised
that they had not been thrown out,  they were wrapped in a 
bit of cotton fabric & then stuffed into an old paper bag
 I obviously had forgotten about them
 when I pulled that old bag out of the closet...
 I wondered what in the world was in it,
when I felt the silky threads it made me smile,
I knew I had found a treasure....
look at those sweet little Tassels,  but they 
do need TLC 
 now it's all safely listed on eBay for someone
to love & enjoy

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