Apr 16, 2013

It started with this....

This Old Pocket Watch Parts Box,
I still treasure it & the few bottles left inside
it was given to me by my Grandma,
a friend of hers was a watch maker
This was about 44 years ago when I was just 12 years old
 [back then at 12, you wanted to be old]
now if you did the math,  you know I am 56
[I try to think 56 years young, but it sure depends on the day]
 I've always had a fascination with tiny things,  when I was little,  my favorite dolls
were Liddle Kiddle...  so these little glass vials were something I cherished...
I have since collected them,  lots of them....    I will never part with the keepsake
my Grandma gave me,  but I will share some of my other collection....

Sometimes you need just [1]  or maybe 2
not a whole lot of them....
so tonight I listed just that
if you need more,  let me know...


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