May 13, 2013

A Tribute for a Hero

An overwhelming Tribute for 
Michigan's Fallen Firefighter
Brian Woehlke
A Hero in My Heart....

 That little guy above is my Grandson Miller with
my Daughter Mandy
We were honored to be able to pay our respects 

Brian lost his life last week while fighting a building fire
He was only 29 years old & married with a 1 year old little girl

Brian went to school with my nieces & was the son of 
family friends of my Sister & Brother in law...

While they attended this very sad Funeral,
Mandy, Miller & I were able to witness the mass
of Fire Trucks (over 200)  Hundreds of Fire Fighters (over 1000)
many grateful citizens who came out to 
pay their Respects for 
Brian & His Family....

From the 1st photo of the 1937 Fire Truck
used for the 1st times as a Hearse heading 
to Divine Child Catholic Church
to the sea of Fire men & women 
standing at attention at St. Hedwig's Cemetery

May God Comfort & give his Family Strength

Rest in Peace 


  1. What a tragedy that this young man's life was cut so short. It's nice to see that so many people were able to pay their respects.

  2. Oh Cheryl so heart breaking...especially for that lil girl & his wife. It really is an emotional tribute. Thankful he served & thankful lfor firefighters everywhere! Will pray for his friends & family tonight!

  3. Oh, Cheryl
    This is so sad. There's been enough tragedy in America for the past two months to last us a life time. I have a 30 year old son who has been married for just a little over a year...I can totally relate to the sadness knowing I have a son just about the same age as Brian.
    I hope a fund has been set up for his wife and daughter just to support them.
    Teresa in California


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