May 23, 2013

Spring Fever

it seems like forever since I posted ~  
from 4 - 24/7's away
at my Care Giving position to catching a spring time
bug with "Spring Fever" ~  I am lying low....

mostly under the covers for now,
I need to make up for the days of barely sleeping
when I am away working....

just don't forget about me

[I thought this old card was so cute & bright colored
to brighten my spirits]

How's your weather going?

I don't think our weather has helped,  
we've had
89 degree days with 81 overnight temps
63 degrees with 40 overnight....



  1. ARE YOU DOING OK NOW? I hate being sick in warm weather! We keep fighting colds here as the weather goes back and forth.

  2. HI Cheryl. I sure hope you are feeling better. am so far behind in my blog reading. I can relate to your being under the weather and trying to lay low.


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