Jan 6, 2014

Brrrr - Only Polar Bears should be out in this.....

Along with much of the U.S.
we are digging out.....

this is last night
 This is a few hours ago..... 
When I finally swept my steps
With dangerous -25 wind chills
I thought for the moment I took my
gloves off to take these photos,
my hands would Freeze!
It's Not going to get any better till after Mid week....

 I know it is only the beginning of January,
I'm already 
Dreaming of 

If you're stuck in the house staying warm,
why not
Be Creative.....

That's My Plan



  1. That's my plan too! Yesterday I put away boxes of Christmas craft items and straightened up my work room so that today I can create some new goods for the website. Do you ever get to the Eastern Market? We started going down there and love it! I think we are going to be inside one of the 2 sheds that stay open during the winter starting this Saturday. fingers crossed that the weather cooperates! I hope that 2014 brings you love, laughter and prosperity! Stay safe on those steps! t.xooxoxo

  2. I haven't been to Eastern Market for about 20 years ~ but keep me posted on when you do go, especially this spring time, I will make it a point to come & visit, maybe I could even help you out one day..... Stay Warm & Stay Inside ~ I don't have to go anywhere till tomorrow afternoon & until then, I'm not moving! xox

  3. It is so cold here, too, Cheryl. I tried to email you back from your comment. Do you know that you are a NoReply when you leave a comment? I have easy instructions to fix it if you want to...let me know. Your flat sounds COLD!!!! xo Diana

  4. Cheryl- Here is the link for fixing the No Reply you asked for- Good luck!


  5. It is cold, cold, cold today!!!! I hope we have a warm up this weekend! Laura


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