Jan 9, 2014

Treasures found, again.....

I was so happy today when a cousin
of mine re-sent me some photos
that I thought we lost 
when the old computer crashed
 My Mom & Gramma
 Gramma,  Mom & the Grandfather

We never really knew our Grandfather on Mom's side,
His name was Ted,  he refused to find a
job to support his wife & 3 kids,
My Gramma kicked him out
& worked 3 jobs to make ends meet,
She was the most wonderful
Gramma,  Ever

What a Woman!
 My Mom & her cousins
That's my beautiful 
Mom,  June.....



  1. Oh I loved every photo Cheryl. What treasures to have and I'm so glad you were able to have them sent to you once again. Too precious to lose these! I'd say you Gramma was a brave and wise woman to go it alone. Your mom was such a doll!!!
    Thank you sweet friend for your comment. You blessed me with it.
    hugs from here

  2. How precious, Cheryl! so wonderful of your cousin to send these to you as a keepsake.


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