Dec 21, 2010

Been a Busy Bee on "E"


  1. You ought to do well. There are some very pretty things there and I heard things are selling really well on eBay. Merry Christmas.

  2. Hey Darlin'. Isn't that Christmas tablecloth super wonderful! I love it. Hope your feeling well, staying warm and in a Holly Jolly Christmas mood.

    Wish you all the joy of Christmas and sending you a big warm hug...Tracy :)

  3. Lovin all of these- they should sell quickly! You better have more ready to go on!
    Gosh, I know what you mean about not having the money this season- we are down to $8 in the checking until hubby gets paid again.
    Just too many car repairs and a friend not paying me back...It will take a whole whopping 2 minutes to open Christmas presents this year!
    But we will be together and that's what counts.
    The heat and the water will be on! HOHOHO!
    Next year will be better!
    Hugs- Tete


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